WIND | In Operation

Cedar Creek 2
Location: Near New Raymer, CO
Capacity: 250 MW
Homes Powered: About 84,000 (CO)
Completed: October 2011
Customer: Public Service Company of Colorado

A joint venture of Sempra Renewables and BP Wind Energy, the 250-megawatt (MW) Cedar Creek 2 wind farm is located near New Raymer, Colorado. Completed in October 2011, the project created 350 construction jobs during peak construction, and more than a dozen full-time positions to operate the facility. It generates enough clean energy to power about 84,000 Colorado homes.

The project’s entire power output is sold under a 25-year contract to Public Service Company of Colorado.


  • Created about 350 construction jobs and more than a dozen positions to operate the facility
  • Provides a new source of clean, locally produced power
  • Provides economic benefits to the community, including new sources of revenue to local land owners and government entities, plus local providers of goods and services
  • Produces no harmful emissions and requires no water to generate electricity
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 477,000 tons annually, the equivalent of taking approximately 100,500 cars off the road