SOLAR | In Operation

Alpaugh Solar Assets
Location: Tulare and Kings County, CA
Capacity: 110 MW
Homes Powered: About 43,000 (CA)
Completed: 2012 - 2013
Customer: Pacific Gas & Electric

In partnership with Consolidated Edison Development, Sempra Renewables jointly owns a 110-megawatt (MW) portfolio of California solar assets.

Located in Tulare County, the 50-MW Alpaugh 50 and 20-MW Alpaugh North solar plants were placed into operation in 2012, followed by the 20-MW White River 1 project in 2013. Located in Kings County, the Corcoran I solar plant was also completed in 2013. All four projects combined amount to about 324,000 solar panel modules spread over approximately 500 acres of land, enough to power about 43,000 California homes.

The power output from all of the facilities is sold under long-term contracts to Pacific Gas & Electric.


  • Requires no water to generate electricity, saving this precious resource for other needs
  • Produces a new source of clean, emission-free electricity
  • Supports local economy through job creation and generation of clean, renewable power
  • Located near existing power plants and transmission lines
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 200,000 tons annually, the equivalent of taking approximately 42,000 cars off the road