We believe it is our responsibility to build and operate projects in ways that respect the environment. By collaborating with local community leaders and environmental experts, we ensure that the work we do preserves natural habitats and species for future generations.

Habitat Protection
We reduce the impact on sensitive habitats by strategically choosing the right locations for development.

At the Auwahi Forest in Maui, Hawaii, Sempra Renewables provides support for the historic dryland forest restoration effort on the leeward flanks of Haleakal volcano. The Maui Restoration Group currently plants seedlings and controls invasive weeds to reinvigorate this unique native forest.

Wildlife Preservation
Sempra Renewables also seeks to protect wildlife commonly affected by wind turbines, a major issue facing the wind industry. For example, larger turbines were selected for the company’s Auwahi Wind farm in Maui, Hawaii, reducing risk to sensitive wildlife species – including the Hawaiian hoary bat and petrel – by including fewer turbines. Additionally, as required by the Habitat Conservation Plan, biological monitors were deployed during construction to minimize impacts to federal and state-listed species.