Commitment to Community

Giving back is not only good business; it’s the right thing to do. We believe in becoming an integral part of the communities where we operate, and encourage our employees to volunteer their time and resources for local, meaningful causes.

Education and Leadership Development

We support programs that nurture future leaders. Partnering with local schools, we establish Math and Science Alliances to motivate students in related fields of study. These Alliances allow teachers to create unique lesson plans, fund field trips, bring in guest speakers, or purchase new classroom equipment such as computers and microscopes.

Economic, Community and Business Development

Sempra Renewables and its companies proudly support local business, community service and civic organizations to help promote the health and economic vitality of the regions where we operate.

Environmental Awareness and Education

Sempra Renewables partners with nonprofit groups focused on natural resource protection and conservation, environmental education and environmental health and safety.

Our jointly-owned Mesquite Solar 1 facility in Arizona partners with a local non-profit called Wildlife for Tomorrow to provide local elementary school students with a hands-on learning experience regarding desert landscape and wildlife. The 40-acre wildlife preserve is home to 50 plant and animal species.

We also sponsor the Desert Research Institute’s GreenPower program in Nevada which is educating K-12 students about the environment and sustainability topics. The program’s “green box” teaching aids, available to all Boulder City educators at no cost, contain tools designed to provide students with a “hands on” learning experience.

Sempra Renewables also supports Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) education initiatives including the translation of island energy curriculum into the Hawaiian language for use in science classrooms.