We partnered to develop and build the largest wind farms in Kansas and Pennsylvania, along with wind facilities in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota. Together, these facilities generate more than 1,200 megawatts (MW) of clean energy.
Our dedication to collaborating with our customers and partners to identify and deliver clean energy remains the foundation of our organization.
An Example of Our Expertise in Action

In 2013, Sempra Renewables completed the development and construction of an 8 turbine wind farm to produce enough clean, locally sourced power to power 10,000 Maui homes. During the initiative, our team collaborated closely with our partners, the local community, and the landowner to deliver clean energy innovation while preserving our commitments to the environment and local communities.


  • Completed the project on time, on budget, and safely
  • Partnered with the local utility in Maui to build a cutting edge battery unit that stores 10MW of power and helps stabilize the grid to improve the reliability of energy delivery
  • Utilized permanent magnet generator technology, leading to more than 50% fewer moving parts and an improvement in reliability and maintenance ease


  • Honored local traditions and environmental concerns by preserving native endangered plant and animal species and archaeological features


  • Created 180 construction jobs
  • Invested in local educational initiatives to support the education of local students regarding wind power technology

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