Sempra Renewables has a proven track record and leading edge when it comes to developing and operating cost-effective energy storage solutions.
Our years of experience in the energy industry give us a leading-edge in our ability to understand and deliver upon our customers’ storage needs. Together with our technology suppliers, we are advancing innovative energy storage solutions to help our customers maximize resources, save money and meet their reliability needs in a dynamic and changing energy market.

Early Adopters

We were an early adopter of energy storage solutions. In 2012, we installed a battery energy storage system (BESS) at our 21-megawatt (MW) Auwahi Wind facility in Hawaii. The system manages intermittent wind energy by storing electricity and sending power to the electric grid to serve homes and businesses.

Our early experience and success developing and operating energy storage has contributed to the development of Sempra’s own PXiSE grid control technology. PXiSE’s highly-advanced software application can be deployed to any size electric system. Our customers, including utilities, microgrids, grid operators, campus systems and large facilities, can benefit from using PXiSE. PXiSE provides superior control, monitoring and safety features to enhance the value of storage and energy resources.

Customized Energy Storage Solutions

Our energy storage solutions provide customers with more choice when it comes to producing, managing and using electricity. For more information about how you can benefit by working with Sempra Renewables to develop your customized energy storage solution, contact us.

Our Expertise In Action

Sempra Renewables placed its 11-MW lithium ion BESS into operation in 2012 at Auwahi Wind. Learn more about the Auwahi Wind BESS here.


  • Improves reliability of grid with dispatchable, stored electricity
  • Provides new capacity for quick deployment
  • Allows for increases in volume of renewables while maintaining reliability and stability of the grid
  • Enhances potential for ancillary services
  • Manages costs
  • Supports smooth shifting to manage pricing during peak demand
  • Delivers dependable frequency response
  • Mitigates intermittency “firming” of renewables

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